The fencing team congratulates foil captain Emily Markowski (12) on placing in the top eight during her first individual match.

Arianna Benitez , Crown Writer and Photographer

Fencing, a sport created when a wise man said, “Let’s stab each other, but make it legal.” To the untrained eye, fencing may look like controlled stabbing, but there are a lot more skills that go it the sport than that. Skills that our Marian Central fencing team possesses. This team of skilled fighters train very hard to play a good match, but without their coaches and captains, this team wouldn’t be much of a team at all. 

These fencing look up to their coaches, Megan Harrison and Nick Reed. They are dedicated coaches and strive to bring out the best in each member of the team. Both coaches have a close relationship with the team, often joking around with them when the time calls for it. They are tough then they need to be, and work closely with the team captains to ensure that everyone is fencing to best of their ability. 

The three-team captains are student leaders. They help their teams succeed in matches and practices. Luke Morehead (12) captains saber, Joseph Walsdorf (11) captains epee, and Emily Markowski (12) captains foil. Each team captain is dedicated to teaching their team useful skills to help them become better fencers. When asked what she liked the most about being a captain, Markowski states that she “love[s] seeing the progress of each person from the beginning of the year to the end. It’s amazing to see them grow throughout the year.” The other captains feel much the same, and the team is very happy to have these skill members to go to for help.

This year the fencing team is welcoming many new members to the team. One of those members is Jade Mikalauskis (11). This is Mikalauskis’ first year on the fencing team and she is extremely happy she gave it a chance. “The captains were very encouraging and got me to try it out,” Mikalauskis (11) reminiscences when asked what got her into the sport. She placed the top fifteen on only her first individual match with the help of her coaches and team captains.

There is a lot of time and dedication that goes into being a fencer. Though the payoff is worth it; on December 7th men foil when 3-1 at Brookfield Academy. The Marian Central fencing team is full of skilled and supportive people. Whether you’re a veteran fencer or just learning the ropes when joining the fencing team here at Marian you’ll be welcomed with open arms.