Back and Better Than Before

Jordan Luebchow(10) struggles to focus on the first day back from break.

Veronica Peterson, Crown Writer and Photographer

What a Year! From beginning a new school year to ending a decade, so much has happened this year. Now first semester and Christmas are now over and everything is starting to settle down since Christmas festivities are stopping and the decorations are being taken down. For many people, Christmas time is their favorite time of the year. However, now that the Christmas season is over, it is back to school and waiting for the year to be over so everyone can get to their summer activities. Before all of that starts all the students need to buckle down and focus on school

For many students, coming back to school after a long winter break is awful. The thought of being at school and not being able to sleep in and do anything they want is hard for many students. Sometimes students need to prepare in order to go back to school, but for Diego Ortiz(10) there was no thought of preparation. “All I did was eat and sleep,” said Ortiz. For some like Ortiz, coming back to school is easy because they take learning new material step by step.

However, the end of winter break is not only about returning to school but also about a new year. For Mrs.Solomon, for example, the end of the break was for celebrating the last parts of the year with her newborn daughter Elizabeth. “I celebrated New Year with family, and with Elizabeth, it was her first New Year, so we put a hat on her and we gave her a blower that she chewed on!” she said. This shows that a  new year is time for friends, family, and celebrating life!

Although the Christmas season is over, there are still things to look forward to and since there is some snow on the ground the holiday feeling has not ended yet. So, with the end of break the student’s focus will ship just like the semester shifts. For the next couple of months, most of the students’ focus will be on school and summer, of course. It might just be safe to say the countdown to summer begins now.