Eighth Graders Take on Marian

A group of mentors who provided guidance for the eighth graders on visit day.

Madelyn Denman, Crown Writer and Photographer

The Eighth Grade Visit Day gives the eighth graders from the private schools in the area a perspective of what the day in the life of a student at Marian consists of. It demonstrates all of the things that Marian has to offer to influence the incoming freshman to choose our school. On the visit day (November 15th) many Marian students including freshmen, mentors, and others in various grades tell the eighth graders about the clubs or sports they are apart of, in hopes to draw in students and allow them to have a good education as well as exciting high school memories. 

Certain freshman were recommended by teachers to help out at the visit day. A freshman who had visited the school last year as an eighth grader, Maggie Schneider (9), was one of those students. Schneider explains, “When I was an eighth grader visiting Marian, at first I was a little bit nervous to be split up into groups with kids from other schools that I didn’t know, but at the end of the day I was having a really good time.” Schneider is excited to help out this year at the visit day to answer some of the questions the eight graders may have about being a freshman, as well as talk to some of the eighth graders from her middle school.

The mentor program at Marian is a program where juniors and seniors act as mentors for freshmen and guide them through the ups and downs of the year. One mentor, Sophia McManus (12), is helping out at the visit day. McManus says “I’m ready to help out at the visit day, and answer questions about high school in general.” Sophia visited the school as a nervous eighth grader as well, but as a senior, she has grown to know the ropes around the school.

Eighth Grade Visit Day is supposed to be an informative day to help the incoming freshmen choose our school, as well as have a fun experience, spending a day at a high school for the first time. The eighth graders will be informed about all of the activities at Marian, and possibly become a hurricane next fall.