Holiday Hoopla

Allison Kaminski (10) with her wonderful secret santa gift.

Jordan Tarzian, Crown Writer and Photographer

The Marian Central Publications Class is eager to commence the annual Christmas party each and every year. The wonderful celebration has delicious food and beverages, while also including the popular bonding activity, known as “Secret Santa. The anticipation of who got selected for each person brings about excitement for the spirited students. Each student had a week and a half to acquire a pleasant present for their gifts. The enthusiastic students have waited for this special day to take place.

Each person was required to bring in one specific item to help the party come together, whether it was snacks, juice, or utensils. Allison Kaminski (10) stated,” I brought homemade peppermint bark that I thought every individual would love.” She wrapped little pieces of the peppermint bark into miniature bags. On the other hand, Arianna Benitez (12) talked about what her favorite food was throughout the party for more sentimental reasons. Benitez exclaimed, “My favorite item being brought is puppy chow because I haven’t had it in years, and it brings back good memories.” It reminds Benitez of when she was younger and how she would have a weakness for it. With every person bringing in one piece for the party there were many diverse reasons to love the event.

Everybody enjoyed the joyful festivities of the party. There was a massive amount of sweet treats, and gladly, the whole group was thrilled to give away their gifts. The look of joy on the faces of the people receiving their presents was fascinating. It was a very merry moment for the Publications Staff.