I Still Believe

The band, Under the Streetlamp, performs at the opening ceremony for Theater Fest.

Arianna Benitez , Crown Writer and Photographer

“I still believe” was the theme of the 45th annual Theater Festival that took place January 9th through 11th. This was Marian’s third year sending students on this life-changing trip, and it was lone to remember. The theme this year was meant to inspire those attending that they can make a change in this world, and to help students pursue a future in the fine arts. Students can enjoy performances, workshops, and games on this three day trip as well as help at the All-State performance, interview with colleges, and just have fun. 

The Theater Festival works with Illinois Theater Association to put on a statewide production, also known as All-State performance. This year Emily Ostrowski (12) was chosen to help with set building and changing. Ostrowski decided to join the All-State production after Marian alumni Kara Zubo and Marissa Rybinski encouraged her because of her talent in the arts. She was grateful to be given the chance to work on Aida because she plans to pursue theater in college. “Theater fest gave me a chance to learn skills and to apply them to Marian theater to make it even better than before.”                                                                                                    

Ostrowski was also one of three too interview/audition in front of multiple college recruiters. Mary Narusis (12) and Joseph Walsdorf (11) there the others who took this opportunity. Narusis explained that when she was interviewing she only had five minutes to present her portfolio, “You had to be quick and speedy, but it was very fun explaining what I do and how I do it.” Narusis heard back from twenty-one colleges looking to have her join their theater program. 

Many of those who attended Theater Fest were attending to further their knowledge of the performing arts and to have fun at all of the festivals activities. With a multitude of workshops and shows there was never a dull moment. Some students spend all their time seeing shows performance by other local school, other went to as many workshops as they could handle in their schedule, or maybe a mixture of both. Sara Kranenburg (12) went to Theater Fest for the first time this year and went to multiple workshops and performances. Kranenburg that by going to Theater Fest “I learned a lot about myself and what I’m capable of and I feel I grew in my confidence because I felt more comfortable when it came to doing stuff outside of my comfort zone.”

No matter the reason students enjoyed three days of fine arts activities. Thanks to administration our Marian students were also able to stay an extra night because of the weather. This years trip was full of laughs and unexpected turns, but it will be a school trip that all the students will remember because they learned to believe in themselves and others.