New Coach, New Team, New Season

Jack Jakubowicz (9) goes up for a shot during practice.

Jordan Tarzian, Crown Writer and Photographer

This basketball season is off to a fantastic start. The freshmen have been fighting to overcome intense obstacles and working hard to give the season their all. As winter sports commence, Coach O’Herron and his freshman boys basketball team prepare to play on the court. The Canes program is starting to grow with this close team leaving an exciting and hopeful season ahead for them. Many of the players have been playing since middle school and continue to develop their skills and talents for the sport. The experience will aid the players on the court to emerge as forces to be reckoned with.

The freshmen are eager to grow and improve during their season. They hope to have a winning season and develop friendships as it moves along. Jackson Jakubowicz (9) is a shooting guard of the Marian Central Hurricanes. He states, “The main things I’m excited about this season are going to different tournaments and lifting with the team.” He hopes to be above 500 this season for their winning percentage. Luca Raso (9) is a point guard for the Hurricanes. This captain has been playing for eight years now. He is excited to win a significant number of games this season. Coach O’Herron exclaims,” This is a really good group of freshmen, and this is the class that is going to turn Marian basketball around.” The anticipation, as the games are about to commence, demonstrates the team’s desire to prosper throughout the season.

This new team displays recently developed friendships and bonds that will be last throughout high school. The more the team plays, the more experience they gain along the way. This program prepares the boys for the next level. The skills and talents of this young team help to see how well they will do. Their season will bring an exceptional name to the Hurricanes.