Pin It To Win It

John Herff(9) takes to ready stance for his first match of the day

Veronica Peterson, Crown Writer and Photographer

The pressure was on for both of Marian Central’s wrestling team with their very first home event. With their first home event of the season, the whole wrestling program was full of excitement. As the team is ranked first there were all positive thoughts. The Marian community was ready to cheer on their beloved team on.

The Team started the season off with a fifty to fifteen win against Marist. How will Marian’s Wrestling team keep this winning streak through the year? “Injury and the toughest sectional in the state for 2A are big obstacles,” said Coach Randazzo. To overcome obstacles Coach Randazzo says he will enforce the best techniques to beat the tougher opponents. Many wrestlers have the same goals, such as “I want to have a winning record and take place at frosh state” John Herff(9). Placing at state is a huge goal for the Marian wrestlers. It is difficult for many wrestlers to not get hurt, so that is a big obstacle, but for Kaden Randazzo(11) he will avoid them by “keep working, not stopping, don’t get hurt, and if I do, recover well.” 

This season has a lot in store for the hurricanes. With a new season comes a new team, and with a new team comes many more possibilities. With the team already starting in high rankings, they are off to a great start. The Marian Central community is excited to see where the team goes!