Sweater Season: Exciting or Inciting?

Two students, Ava Notaro (10) and Krystiana Borres (10) smiling because sweater season is finally here!

Allison Kaminski, Crown Writer and Photographer

The time of year when students change from polos to sweaters is finally here! While some students dislike the sweaters, many students enjoy the change of uniform. The boys’ uniform consists of the Marian sweaters (either red or blue), a white polo underneath, and their tie of choice. The girls’ uniform consists of the Marian sweater, also red or blue. A white polo underneath both boys’ and girls’ uniforms are paired with the choice of khaki or navy Marian pants. With the cold winter weather approaching, many people agree that the sweaters are a perfect alternative for the Marian students.

There are so many different thoughts about the sweater season, ranging from a love to hate relationship. Sophomore student Graciella Miroballi gave her opinion on sweater season. “Some positive aspects of the sweater are that they keep us warm and are usually pretty comfortable throughout the day. But there are also some negative aspects. The white collars tend to be uncomfortable, and the sweaters can be unattractive, and itchy sometimes.” Another negative aspect that is regularly noted among many students is that they have only two color options for them, and because of the material, sweat shows very easily. Overall, it is a nice change from the polos, but universally the option of more variety, such as different shades and maybe even the option to dress them down a bit more, would be a nice alternative

The class of 2023 is experiencing their first sweater season this year. It is their first change from the Marian polos to sweaters, and as mentioned above, there are clashed opinions. The change of uniform may be exciting to some students but to some, it is, in a sense, a “pain” to have to switch from a perfectly good polo to a long-sleeved sweater. Danielle Lipnisky (9) verbalized her opinion: “I think sweater season allows us to look more professional. It is definitely warmer than the polos. I also like the fact that we get to change what we’re wearing because since we wear the same uniform every day, the sweater season is a nice change.” The ability to adjust to different uniforms is definitely one positive aspect enjoyed by many students.

It is obvious to see that Marian traditions are implemented in small things as simple as the uniform. Ever since the school was established to present-day the uniforms have been a trademark for the Catholic education that can be found here at Marian Central Catholic. They symbolize how the school’s Catholic beliefs are integrated into the education and nature of each student and faculty member here. In a way, these uniforms are part of our culture as a school and mark each student, faculty, and alumni as part of our community. Although some students feel that uniforms are bothersome to wear, they help unify Marian as one community.