The Circle of Life

Arianna Benitez , Crown Writer and Photographer

From the movie screen to the Broadway stage, the classic Disney movie The Lion King is now touring the United States with an amazing cast and crew. The theater and art students of Marian Central were lucky enough to be able to go and see the live performance on February 6th of 2020. The day’s schedule started with a tour of the art museum, a fulfilling lunch, and the actual performance.

Mr. Toledo started his first year at Marian with a groundbreaking field trip. Running the trip could not have been easy, but Mr. Toledo was not afraid of the challenge. Mr. Toledo says that because of the support group and his prior experience gave him the confidence to plan the trip. Mr. Toledo had seen The Lion King before and thought it would be a good show for the students to see, “It’s such a great visual show, and the music made it an easy decision.” 

The Marian art students were also allowed to come and view the Milwaukee Art Museum. Students and teachers were given a guided tour of the museum’s main features and then they were able to walk around freely. Many art students benefited from this experience because they were able to see the different styles of art throughout history. The museum had many attractions that inspired the students who attended.

The musical was performed by a professional broadway cast, for many students this was their first time seeing a professional stage production and it was surely an experience they won’t forget. Ashley Alfante (12) said that the show was very emotional because she could see the effort behind the show. “Seeing The Lion King was fun because we got to see all the work they put into it. The lighting, the music, and I loved the costumes.” Alfante was sad that this was the last theater field trip she’ll get to go on, but she’ll cherish the memory forever. 

The art and theater students were very grateful to all the teachers and administration that planned this trip. Students were able to strengthen bonds through their love of fine art and grew closer to those who they never were previously. The performance of The Lion King was a moving experience that the students will cherish for years to come.