Their Last Shot

Janelle Allen(12) signing to her dream college after finishing up a fantastic basketball season.

Emma Johnson, Crown Writer and Photographer

Throughout this basketball season, the girls’ team has been through their ups and down. However, on Wednesday, January 29, the players on the girls’ basketball team went through the most emotions they have all season. The seniors on the girls’ basketball team played their last high school home game, Marian’s senior night. Although many were sad, senior Janelle Allen scored her thousandth point. Julia Hogel (11) states, “Janelle was a big role model and I love the person she has become. I can’t wait to see what her future holds. I’m going to miss her so much.” Janelle has already committed and is ready to start her amazing journey of college basketball, so her future looks bright. Although she’ll be missed, having made one-thousand points is a great memory of high school. 

Just like an end of the year celebration, senior year is a great way to show off the seniors and their accomplishments. “ Senior night is a great way to honor the seniors for all the hard work and time they put into the team.” Nicole Santopadre (11) explained. Being able to walk out with your parents to be recognized is a truly special thing. Not only are the other teammates proud of their season, but so is their manager, Brian Allen (10), “ It was great watching my sister ball out and watching my brother[Mr. Lee] coach”, says Allen. The coach, Mr. Lee, also had a lot to be proud of, from his sister to the other senior girls. Overall, the players, manager, coaches, and family members all had a lot to celebrate about the graduating basketball players. This years’ senior girls’ will be remembered and have been honored, in part by this senior night.