‘Tis the Season

Abigail Reiche (10) and Samantha Miderski (10) are all smiles for ugly sweater day!

Maddison Shepard, Crown Writer and Photographer

It’s the Christmas season and students are anxiously waiting for winter break to celebrate the holidays. Before break begins, however, there is a lot to do. One special event on the list is the ugly sweater day. Monday, December 16th, students were invited to wear their favorite ugly sweater to school. Students walked in the doors, met up with friends, and shared their best ugly sweater. It is safe to say that this day is one day many students look forward too. People came to school wearing all different types of sweaters, ranging from the brightest light-up sweater to the more subtle funny sweater.

One of the more noticeable sweaters was worn by Brian Hopp (11). Hopp wore a blue, light-up sweater with a cow on it. Hopp believes that “[this day] is a fun way to unwind the semester and have fun with everyone by wearing ugly Christmas sweaters.” Even though this was a fun day to dress down, many students like Hopp see it as a day to relax before the Christmas season and finals. They are very grateful and enjoy dressing in their favorite ugly sweaters with friends.

Another fun sweater seen on Monday was Elizabeth Young’s (9) red, festive sweater. It had a checklist with three words, “Naughty, Nice, I Tried” with a check-mark next to “I Tried”. “I find it funny and it is comfy and low-key cute,” says Young(9). As demonstrated by Young, many students use this day as a day to wear something different and festive. 

It truly shows that a simple dress-down day can give a student a chance to wear something to feel more comfortable and ready for their school day ahead of them.