The Crown

Marian Marches for Life

Jenelle Bongiovanni and Danielle Lattanzio hold their signs up proudly as they march for life.
February 13, 2019

As students said their goodbyes on Wednesday, the bus soon picked up twenty-five students. From sophomores to seniors, Marian students get ready to depart on their pilgrimage to Washington D.C. The trip...

30 Seconds of Fame

March 2, 2018

Football has brought all different demographics of Americans together, making the Super Bowl one of the biggest nights of the year, and the competition for airtime is relentless. Numerous football Sundays...

Winning Gold in the Cold

February 28, 2018

  Patriotism is always important to an individual and their country. Wherever someone is from, they want to support their country and its athletes.  Patriotism can be expressed every day, but...

What Curse?

Flickr Public Domain
November 9, 2016

With the Cubs down 2 games by Game 4, maybe your faith and high hopes began to fade. You were thinking maybe this isn’t our time yet or the curse is real. The thought “there's always next year,”...

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