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Elaborate and Extremely Delightful

Elaborate and Extremely Delightful

Leia Sebion, Crown Staff

October 3, 2016

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As homecoming draws near, more and more people are getting asked to Homecoming in new and creative ways. While the whole week leading up to  Homecoming is extremely fun, the best part of it occurs on the day of the dance, and the night becomes all the more special when there is someone to attend it w...

A View from the Top of the Stands

A View from the Top of the Stands

Anna Podborny, Club Staff Reporter

September 20, 2015

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...we were just a part of the Marian Central Hurricane heart, beating in unison with every other student there, senior or freshman.

10 Things About High School That I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

Barbara Yerkes, Crown Reporter

September 12, 2015

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  As a freshman starting at Marian last year, high school seemed like an exciting, yet scary world that I was entering into. I had listened to my mentor, older siblings, and friends, but nonetheless felt nervous for the first day of school and soon realizing that I was the only girl wearing kha...

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