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Woodstock’s Wonderland

Woodstock's Wonderland
Annual Lighting of the Square
December 18, 2016
The annual lighting of the Woodstock Square took place on Friday, November, 23rd.

Have a Merry Movie Marathon!

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The Crown's Top Ten Holiday Movies
December 18, 2016
See Crown writer Abby Noe's picks for the top ten Christmas movies to watch!

The Crown’s Top Five Holiday Albums

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December 18, 2016
See The Crown's picks for the best holiday albums of all time!

Key Club Spina Bifida Fundraiser

Marian Central Key Club at Rolling Meadows High School for the Annual Spina Bifida Foundation Christmas Party
December 18, 2016
Key Club was contacted by Woodstock Kiwanis Club to help the Illinois Spina Bifida Association with its annual Christmas Party on December 3rd.

DIY Ideas to Brighten Up the Holidays!

DIY Ideas to Brighten Up the Holidays!
December 16, 2016
Sometimes finding gifts and decorations during the holiday season can be difficult and expensive. These are hopefully a few fun ways to make things and little bit easier.

On the Seventh Day of “Crownmas”…

On the Seventh Day of
The Crown's Top Seven Christmas Cookies
December 13, 2016

#1. Sugar Cookies           Our first cookie was picked by Jake Bahl (12) because they bring back good memories of his grandma who used to make them for him. Recipe:...

On the Sixth Day of “Crownmas”…

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Christmas Stories
December 12, 2016

  Now that it is the Christmas season, everyone is getting jolly and putting up all their favorite decorations,and putting the their Christmas tree up.  There is nothing better than reading a...

Holy Apostles Thanksgiving Food Drive

Holy Apostles Thanksgiving Food Drive
December 9, 2016

While some families enjoy their thanksgiving meals, they don’t think of how fortunate they are to have the meal in front of them. Though some families aren’t sure where their next meal will come...

On the Fifth Day of “Crownmas”…

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Holiday Gift Ideas
December 9, 2016

The Christmas season is the time to give and what’s better than giving your family gifts! There are all sorts of gifts to give. Not every child writes a Christmas list so sometimes you're left wondering...

Moana Film Review

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December 8, 2016
Moana is Disney’s latest 3D-animated masterpiece that tells the story of a girl named Moana who goes on a quest to find the demigod Maui and save her home island from destruction.

On the Third Day of “Crownmas”

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The Origins of Saint Nicholas
December 7, 2016

When the thought of Christmas starts popping up in the Winter season, people generally think of a few things: cookies, trees, gifts, and especially Santa Claus. The magical, jolly, old man that brings...

NHS Spotlight of Vanessa Garrelts

NHS Spotlight of Vanessa Garrelts
December 6, 2016

National Honors Society is an admirable accomplishment, especially at Marian Central. This September, 36 juniors and seniors were inducted into the organization after being selected and accepted by a committee....

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