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Coloring Inside The Lines: A Passion For Art

Widhalm stands next to her complex dry pastel work displayed in the commons at Marian.

Ryan Borchardt, Crown Writer & Photographer

December 13, 2018

Many people find themselves doing something they love and enjoy to do at a young age and that thing sticks with them. Some have a passion for music, others for sports, and some for art.  As the year has gone on, the passion for creation and art has stemmed with freshman Julia Widhalm. She was thoughtf...

Marian’s Picasso

Marian's Picasso

Kailin Fortin, Crown Staff

June 1, 2017

Senior Mikayla Knuth has been involved with art from a very young age. Art is and has always been a very large part of her life. Just by looking at her artwork, one can tell how talented and passionate she is about artwork, as Mikayla says, “I don't just love making art, I love to be around it”. Much...

Making Masterpieces

Making Masterpieces

Paige Tarzian, Crown Staff

March 8, 2017

Students can come and enjoy their time while creating beautiful things and having fun with classmates.

Beauty School Superstar

Beauty School Superstar

Stefanie Henkel, Crown Staff

February 16, 2017

Creating perfect makeup looks may seem like magic, with eyeshadow blended flawlessly and eyeliner applied sharp. But its actually countless hours of effort and practice until it looks exactly right and one has mastered the technique. One girl who never misses her mark is aspiring makeup artist and Marian...

Life After Marian- The Jake Mueller Story

Life After Marian- The Jake Mueller Story

Marissa Tarzian, Crown Staff

December 6, 2016

Jake Mueller graduated from Marian in 2015 and is currently studying at Elgin Community College. His interest in art began with a painting done by Salvador Dali. Mueller said, “It all started when I was in fifth grade  saw a Salvador Dali painting; I liked that he saw things in a way that other people...

Awards in Art

Awards in Art

Cassidy Grubbe, Crown Staff

May 27, 2016

Cindy Cedeno has always had a fascination with art. From a very early age she loved watching her mother draw. She looked up to her mother, and could not wait for the day the she would make her proud. Young Cedeno was always been doodling, practicing for when she could become an artist just like her mot...

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