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Gianna Kolner and Barbara Yerkes

December 12, 2016

The Crown staff has been working hard on the online newspaper all year, and now we are sharing some of our "favorite things" that we loved this year, or are asking for Christmas!

Behind the Curtain: A Murder-Mystery at Marian

Brooke Rodden (10), Viktor Wilson-Miller (10), Rachel Prus (12), and Tori Roberts (12) run scenes onstage at rehearsal.

Barbara Yerkes, Crown Editor

October 3, 2016

"Behind the Curtain" is a new series about Marian theatre highlighting the different aspects and work that go into the productions, and give updates of the rehearsal process.

I Am, You Are, We Are…

Father Doyle engages the students during his homily.

Barbara Yerkes, Crown Editor

September 27, 2016

The first all-school mass was highly anticipated by the student body because of the reveal of Father Doyle’s annual theme for the year. Students sat in Landers Pavilion, speculating about the new theme and trying to remember themes from past years. When the time for the homily arrived, Father ...

Sounding Off

[Left to Right] Sam Krak (9), Julianna Ignacio (12), Nick Teteak (12), and Landon Martin (9)

Barbara Yerkes, Crown Editor

May 27, 2016

Finding sound effects, playing music, keeping track of mics, and occasionally dancing in the booth during rehearsals kept senior Julianna Ignacio busy during theatre productions. She took on the position of Sound Head this year for the Fall Play, Spring Musical, and Variety Show. Seeing the 8th Grade...

Key Club Shows That “Marian Cares”

Barbara Yerkes, Crown Staff

December 7, 2015

Marian Central Key Club has demonstrated selfless service in their work, and with their biggest project of the year, Marian Cares.This service project involves organizing a food truck where students hand out food and other amenities around the community.

Alumni Spotlight: Austin Lee

Alumni Spotlight: Austin Lee

Barbara Yerkes, Crown Staff

December 4, 2015

Few people have the opportunity to study and pursue what they are truly passionate about right after they graduate. Austin Lee, from the class of 2014, has this rare chance through studying Film and Television at New York University.

From Student to Teacher

From Student to Teacher

Barbara Yerkes, Crown Staff

November 12, 2015

Teaching at a school that you formerly attended as a student can be a challenge, but also can help offer insight as to how to improve learning conditions in the classroom. This year, Marian welcomes Ms. Carran, an alumni, to the teaching staff. Her classes for the year include Trigonometry, Trigonometry...

Musician Spotlight: Matt Snell

Barbara Yerkes, Crown Staff

September 24, 2015

Practicing anything for thirteen years takes dedication, commitment, and passion. Matt Snell (11) demonstrates all of these traits in his practice of music. Since he was three years old, Matt has been playing guitar, and later picked up bass. From then, he has gone on to play in various ensembles and...

Mentor Training: Becoming a Leader

Mentor Training: Becoming a Leader

Barbara Yerkes, Crown Staff

September 23, 2015

Students sometimes can become overwhelmed and stressed from the amount of homework, sports practices, and club meetings they have to balance everyday. This is where Marian’s amazing Mentor Program comes in!

10 Things About High School That I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

Barbara Yerkes, Crown Reporter

September 12, 2015

  As a freshman starting at Marian last year, high school seemed like an exciting, yet scary world that I was entering into. I had listened to my mentor, older siblings, and friends, but nonetheless felt nervous for the first day of school and soon realizing that I was the only girl wearing kha...

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