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New Coach, New Team, New Season

Jack Jakubowicz (9) goes up for a shot during practice.

Jordan Tarzian, Crown Writer and Photographer

March 9, 2020

This basketball season is off to a fantastic start. The freshmen have been fighting to overcome intense obstacles and working hard to give the season their all. As winter sports commence, Coach O'Herron and his freshman boys basketball team prepare to play on the court. The Canes program is starting t...

What A Grateful Day

Anthony Carney’s (10) scarecrow sits relaxed as he picks up little pumpkins.

Jordan Tarzian, Crown Writer and Photographer

March 9, 2020

Thanksgiving is a time for the ones people love the most. Family and friends come together to celebrate this wonderful celebration. It is a moment of appreciation and gratefulness all around the United States. Many people celebrate Thanksgiving in different methods, but it allows the same message to b...

Football Fridays

The Hurricanes offensive line decides which play to run.

Jordan Tarzian, Crown Writer and Photographer

October 29, 2019

American football is a beloved sport that unites a massive and dedicated portion of the country. The roar of the crowd and the pregame locker room meetings get the teams excited for their games. The Hurricanes have had an incredible start to the season. Their shut-down defense had no teams score on t...

Summer Around the Globe

Niemann taking a selfie, featuring a classic Thai dish, with one of his teachers.

Jordan Tarzian, Crown Writer and Photographer

October 9, 2019

The summer had finally arrived. Students were eager to rush out the doors as school came to a close. The season of no homework, no classes, and no tests was in session. Summer vacations were now starting and the excitement to get out of school was overwhelming. Not everyone’s exotic vacations were away from...

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