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A Time To Give Thanks

Kat Strode (11) and Abi Reiche (10)  enjoying their conversation about Thanksgiving memories.

Gracie Miroballi, Crown Writer and Photographer

March 9, 2020

Thanksgiving brings many traditions and celebrations; most importantly, the chance to show appreciation to those who need it most.  After school on November 19th, over 20 Marian Key Club members attended the annual Valley Hi Thanksgiving party. Valley Hi is a rehab and nursing home in Woodstock. Thos...

Sweater Season: Exciting or Inciting?

Two students, Ava Notaro (10) and Krystiana Borres (10) smiling because sweater season is finally here!

Allison Kaminski, Crown Writer and Photographer

March 9, 2020

The time of year when students change from polos to sweaters is finally here! While some students dislike the sweaters, many students enjoy the change of uniform. The boys' uniform consists of the Marian sweaters (either red or blue), a white polo underneath, and their tie of choice. The girls' unifo...

A Glimpse of Our Educators

A Glimpse of Our Educators

Amber Gorbel, Crown writer and photographer

November 2, 2018

From the moment they got their degree, to the first time standing at the front of a room full of students, teachers were probably asking themselves if they are ready to do this as their lifelong career. They did not go to college for four to five years to study something they did not enjoy.    A ...

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