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Every Life Matters

Every Life Matters

Emily Richie, Crown Writer and Photographer

October 11, 2018

The Marian Central family is so excited to have Pro-Life club back up and running again. The organization is “raising awareness around the school for Pro-Life,” says Alyssa Graf (10). The club is about helping the local community with service projects and to promote pro-life. Any students who are ...

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture

Nikki Baron, Crown Staff

February 23, 2016

On January 16th, a group of 31 sophomores set out to the nation's capitol to stand up for pro-life for March for Life. This retreat offered students the chance to visit Washington, D.C. to support pro-life and tour the city. My experience on this trip changed my views on the pro-life movement, made me stronger in faith, and gave me the chance to become closer to my classmates.

Marian’s Pro-Life Movement

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Sydney Merryman, Crown Staff

October 6, 2015

Marian Central is a great place when it comes to its clubs and sports, having a wide variation for students of every interest. One of these groups is the Pro-Life Rosary group, whose name is pretty self-explanatory. Father Doyle is the leader of this group that often leads prayer together, and is open...

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