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Rachel Prus, Leader of the Faith

Rachel Prus, Leader of the Faith

Skylar Wirtz, Crown Staff

June 1, 2017

Rachel Prus is an amazing leader and inspiration to our faith. She has taken all of the required classes that Marian offers and she also took theater twice because she liked it so much. Rachel has been on two Kairos retreats and helped lead the freshman retreats.  When Rachel started being a retreat ...

Leading to the Lord

Joe Herff has proven himself to be an excellent role model in the faith, and will continue to leave a lasting mark on others well into his college years.

Alex Benn, Crown Staff

May 27, 2016

For the past six years, Kairos has been something that students look forward to. Joe Herff (12) has had the privilege of going on the retreat his junior year, and then leading it his senior year. Herff was honored that he was chosen as a leader for this retreat; he was born with the skills to take control and be a leader worth following.

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