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Marian’s Picasso

Marian's Picasso

Kailin Fortin, Crown Staff

June 1, 2017

Senior Mikayla Knuth has been involved with art from a very young age. Art is and has always been a very large part of her life. Just by looking at her artwork, one can tell how talented and passionate she is about artwork, as Mikayla says, “I don't just love making art, I love to be around it”. Much...

Singing for a Lifetime

Singing for a Lifetime

Jake Tinkham, Crown Staff

June 2, 2016

Nickolas Riedel (12) has been a member of the Marian Choir for all four years of his high school career. He loves singing and he rarely stops when choir class ends.

A “Tribute” to Luke Dowell

The Marian theatre is saddened to lose such a talented actor, but there is no doubt that Luke Dowell will be chosen for greatness at Marquette University!

Alex Benn, Crown Staff

May 27, 2016

The Variety Show, on May 20th, was a great way to end the school year! Senior Luke Dowell had been involved in seven school productions, and this was his second Variety Show. This time around Dowell had the opportunity to share the director title with Mr. S. Lalor and Connor Greig (12).

A Photo Finish!

We wish Suzie (pictured middle right) the best of luck as she carries on her love of photography and amazing work ethic at the University of Iowa!

Tori Roberts, Crown Editor

May 27, 2016

Yearbooks are one of the most iconic symbols of high school life, books full of built up memories for every student, but how often do students think about all of the work that goes into compiling those memories? Suzie Osterheld (12) has been an editor for The Memorare yearbook for three years now and despite the stressful moments, has loved every minute of it.

Au Revoir!

Allison Royer will continue to use her leadership skills to succeed tremendously as she attends the University of South Carolina!

Lexi Daniello, Crown Staff

May 25, 2016

As member of the French Honor Society, Allison Royer has had several unique experiences with the French language.

One SMART Senior

We wish Liam (pictured far right) the best of luck as passes on the values of SMART Club as a student of Loras University.

Tori Roberts, Crown Editor

May 25, 2016

From service clubs, to academic clubs, there are a variety of organizations at Marian open for students to join. Whether you’re a member of Key Club or CIA (Catholics in Action), it cannot be denied that each club has its own message to spread throughout the Marian community. Senior Liam Knudsen has been a member of Marian’s SMART Club since his sophomore year.

Leading the Way

Amanda will undoubtedly continue to inspire and lead others as begins her journey as a student at the University of Kentucky!

Gianna Kolner, Crown Staff

May 25, 2016

Being on the mentor council has been an honor for senior Amanda Morris, and she is grateful to have had the opportunity.

The “Key” to a Life of Service


Cassidy Grubbe, Crown Staff

May 25, 2016

Ben Sykora (12) has been an avid member of Marian’s Key Club for the past three years. Participating in this club has been turning point for him. He looks back on his experience, saying, “Key Club showed me the compassion inside me I didn’t know I already had.”

Hard Work Does Pay Off

The Herbst sisters share a sweet and emotional moment onstage as Lydia inducts Alayna into National Honor Society.

Haley Hartmann, Crown Staff

May 24, 2016

As a member of NHS, Lydia Herbst has been able to exercise her passion for service by helping with countless activities put together by the organization.

One Final Announcement…

Farewell President Strode, may you continue to be successful throughout your years at Indiana University-Bloomington!

Nikki Baron, Crown Staff

May 24, 2016

Carter Strode ran for class president freshman year, and since then has been a driving force in student council.

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