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A New Season With New Beginnings

The JV tennis team excited for the Hoco parade on their amazing float.

Emma Johnson, Crown Writer and Photographer

January 22, 2020

Fall has begun which is a time for a change and new beginnings. The new tennis season is a great example of this. With the 2019 season, there are new coaches and new players that go along with the new year. Whether new or more of an experienced player, the goal for most is to become a better player and...

Causing a Racket

 Dean Limosnero and the rest of the varsity won first place at the Hampshire H.S. Varsity Invite on March 21, 2019.

Anna Podbourny, Crown Writer and Photographer

May 16, 2019

The scuffle sounds on the court, the popping of a new canister of tennis balls, and the precision and focus that goes into the game of tennis. One doesn’t have to be a tennis aficionado to spot the talent of Dean Limosnero (12). With almost seven years of experience, Limosnero is no stranger to the...

Game, Set, Match

Lindsey and her doubles partner junior Carly Hoover celebrate a win at the 2018 IHSA Antioch Class 1A Sectionals

Carly Hoover, Crown Writer and Photographer

May 16, 2019

The devotion it takes in participating in a sport for all four years of high school comes with undeniable focus and determination.  Senior Lindsey Litterer has been a staple in building the Marian Central Tennis program since joining the team her freshman year and playing every year after. Tennis is a s...

Tennis Transformation

Tennis Transformation

Alexis Potash, Crown Writer and Photographer

October 15, 2018

A season of serves like none before. A new coach has taken over the Girl's Tennis team, Coach Gina Jasovic.  Along with a new coach, there was also a more intense practice schedule that has been implemented including a new weight training and conditioning schedule. A new uniform is now being wor...

Game, Set, Match: Ian Brzeski Dominates the Court

Game, Set, Match: Ian Brzeski Dominates the Court

Joey Fitzgerald, Crown Writer

May 17, 2018

Now that the winter is over, there is a lot to look forward to. The freezing snow is gone and the bright sun has returned. The trees are finally growing their leaves back, and the spring sports season has returned as well. The spring sports season at Marian includes tennis. Overall the game is like a ...

Acing It

Acing It

Lexi Daniello, Crown Staff

May 25, 2016

Throughout his four years at Marian, found himself returning to the tennis program every year. Hufman became more and more serious about the sport and all that it has to offer the more he played. Starting from when he was five, Hufman enjoyed the strategy that tennis required. “Without focus,” Hufman...

Working Towards Perfection on the Courts

Working Towards Perfection on the Courts

Taylor Anderson, Crown Staff

October 1, 2015

Four students, six games, one match, one team and one goal, to win.

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