The Crown

The Circle of Life

Arianna Benitez, Crown Writer and Photographer

March 9, 2020

From the movie screen to the Broadway stage, the classic Disney movie The Lion King is now touring the United States with an amazing cast and crew. The theater and art students of Marian Central were lucky enough to be able to go and see the live performance on February 6th of 2020. The day’s schedu...

“All the World’s a Stage…”

A mirror shot reflects on the cast as they get ready for the opening night

Amber Gorbel, Crown writer and Photographer

November 27, 2018

Lights warming up, sound check complete, actors warming up, all the prepare to bring the words of William Shakespeare to live on the Marian Central stage! It was yet another successful fall production at Marian Central. The performance of Much Ado About Will was a visual summary of William Shakespeare's fascinat...

Lights, Camera, Kunz

Lights, Camera, Kunz

Emma Baader, Crown Writer

May 17, 2018

Waiting under the dark curtain, she is soon called onto the stage. She then takes one deep breath in, and the directors call the ambitious, cheerful actress to her mark. Kaylyn Kunz (12) has been apart of all the Marian Theater productions for the past four years. From the spotlight to behind th...

Last Curtain Call

Last Curtain Call

Mae Novakoski, Crown Writer

May 17, 2018

Chances are most people have been to a play or musical and left the production thinking about the intense music, flamboyant costumes, or gifted performers. Most of the experience is based on what is seen and heard. While watching a performance, the focus is typically the actors, but there is so much be...

The Musical Man

Pannke starred as the hilarious and eccentric

Laura Knapp, Crown Staff

May 24, 2017

The fine arts are alive and well here at Marian. Over the past few years, the theater department has put on amazing productions, from whimsical musicals like Once Upon a Mattress, to classic Shakespearean comedies like Twelfth Night. Although these productions are very different, they had one thing in common: Victor Pannke.

Keep up the Good Work, Charlie Brown!

The entire cast of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown poses for an in-character shot.

Tori Roberts, Crown Editor

March 21, 2017

The production season for this year's spring "Black Box" musical You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown is off to a great start! The cast and crew are currently in their third week of rehearsals, and the show is starting to come together quite nicely. Blocking for all scenes has been completed, so the cast...

The Most Dangerous (Pajama) Game

The Most Dangerous (Pajama) Game

Olivia Suarez, Crown Writer

February 28, 2017

In the 1950’s there is a company that makes pajamas and delivers them to stores all around. The problem is that the workers are not getting payed enough so they are trying to get a 71/2 ¢ raise. Myron Hasler, who is the boss of the company gives a promotion to Sid Sorokin so instead of fixing machines,...

Behind the Curtain: A Murder-Mystery at Marian

Brooke Rodden (10), Viktor Wilson-Miller (10), Rachel Prus (12), and Tori Roberts (12) run scenes onstage at rehearsal.

Barbara Yerkes, Crown Editor

October 3, 2016

"Behind the Curtain" is a new series about Marian theatre highlighting the different aspects and work that go into the productions, and give updates of the rehearsal process.

Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Gianna Kolner, Crown Staff

September 26, 2016

This year Marian was fortunate enough to welcome back a familiar face to the Marian family! Mrs. Connell, an english teacher and the new fall play director, was eager to start working at Marian again this fall. I was given the opportunity to be able to learn more  about Marian in the past and better...

Sounding Off

[Left to Right] Sam Krak (9), Julianna Ignacio (12), Nick Teteak (12), and Landon Martin (9)

Barbara Yerkes, Crown Editor

May 27, 2016

Finding sound effects, playing music, keeping track of mics, and occasionally dancing in the booth during rehearsals kept senior Julianna Ignacio busy during theatre productions. She took on the position of Sound Head this year for the Fall Play, Spring Musical, and Variety Show. Seeing the 8th Grade...

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